Yup, that’s what my parents call me. In fact, it’s short for Carlos.

Ever since finishing my degree in Fine Arts, I’ve done freelance illustration and animation for several local museums and universities. My work has also been featured in national magazine This Is Rock, and I’ve designed covers and gig posters for several Spanish labels and bands.
I also have a webcomic (… Currently in Spanish only, sorry!) to keep myself busy in between jobs and flex my brush/ pen nib skills. It’ll get to 200 strips in no time. It got a prize last year from Subcultura, the biggest webcomic community in Spanish, and has appeared on national compilations in 2009 and 2010.
I’ve dabbled in storyboarding occasionally, working on my own short film projects, and would like to try my hand at it some more in the future.
I happen to play my own brand of electronica-aided folk songs, and while the music may not be that great, I know I’ll always like the flyers I draw myself.


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