30 characters #16- Butch McClusky


Forget all you read in History books: Butch McClusky was THE first man in space. But you haven’t heard of him because NASA lost contact with him after his ship got caught in an unexpected comet’s gravity. He’s been lost for 60 years now, and he will return in some 20 years, having aged only 20 years, riding the same old tincan spacecraft he left Earth with, and thinking himself a hero. 

Things will have changed quite a lot, though: when he boasts being the original inspiration for Flash Gordon, kids just won’t know what he’s talking about, and his tech skills will be totally outdated and useless. He will, however, receive compensation from the government, and spend his time telling his old- timer stories to anyone willing to hear and hitting on girls half his age. 

And no, he hasn’t changed clothes in the last 80 years. Go figure.

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